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Why I’m giving away free coins with my book about blockchain

Practice what you preach. Make things as tangible as possible. Get your hands dirty. These are guidelines I try to stick to, even though I’m in the business of strategy, talking, workshopping, consulting.

That’s also why I wrote a book on Blockchain, in Dutch (for now). One objective of the book is to make people feel more comfortable to dip their toes into the blockchain-world. In one way or another. And I’ve found that an easy way to do that is to get people to set up a wallet and put some crypto-coins in. That way people can experience what it feels like to send/receive money without the involvement of a central bank. I got my first fraction of crypto in the same vain. It made me understand a few things and triggered me to dig deeper.

So to motivate people to get involved, I’m giving away 500 euro worth of Ether to the first 250 people who can prove to me they bought the book.

Today, March 6, I bought ether on the Kraken platform. The exchange rate was 666.66€. Yes, I managed to set an order for that special, symbolic rate ;-). Which means my 500€ bought me exactly 0.75 ether.

My transaction at Kraken

That means that each valid claim will get 0.003 Ether in their wallet. At the moment that’s worth about 2 euro. It might go up, it might go down. But the important thing is: you’re involved.

When all is set, I’ll send the full amount of ether to a little smart contract. When the book is physically available (beginning next week), I’ll give further instructions on how to claim the crypto-discount.

Just to get people involved.

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