Blockchain Workshop

What the clients said

As a tech company we’re very interested in new technologies, particularly in something as totally innovative as Blockchain. Gerrie’s session had a lot of added value, because he understands the use cases helped us finetune our offering towards our clients. His workshop was a real eye opener for our people. Not just very inspiring, but it also sets you to take action. The coin did drop indeed.

David Embrechts, Partner Contribute Group/Cronos

It’s good to understand what Blockchain is. But it’s better to start working on what it can mean for your organisation or product. This workshop format does exactly that.

In one or more high-energy, high-impact sessions you’ll get a deeper insight in the workings of blockchain. It’s not just inspiration: you’ll develop ideas, concepts, next steps,… for your own business.

1. What is Blockchain?
A non-tech primer into what the technology is and does.

2. How is Blockchain being used right now?
Inspiration through a series of relevant use cases.

3. What is so special about Blockchain?
The technology is relatively complex. But the impact it could have is also multi-layered. In this part, we unpack the trend. We unravel it to what it could do for people. What’s the impact on your end users? On your organisation? On other stake holders, e.g. the middle men?

4. What can/must we do with Blockchain?
Through brainstorms, value proposition exercises and pitches we develop new ideas, concepts,… that are relevant for your organisation and challenges.

5. Next steps?
We identify specific next steps. What needs to be done in the short and mid-long term?

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