Talks & Inspiration Sessions

What the clients said

Gerrie inspired our team with a very, very clear story about one of the most complex tech trends right now, Blockchain. He brings this abstract concept to life and does it in an inspiring and accessible way. His expertise in Blockchain is solid. Highly recommended.

Maarten Leyts, CEO Trendwolves

1. Blockchain? For me the penny has dropped.
In a non-technical way I explain what Blockchain is, what the use cases are and why I think it’s important we get up to speed with this trend.

2. Digital Trends
What are the trends in digital and what can/should you do with them? I’ve spoken to a wide variety of European corporations and organisations about Digital Trends, relevant to their industry.

3. Digital First = User First
We all realize the impact of technology on people, products and organisations. We also know that chasing the latest tech trend is tiring and volatile. I believe that companies who really, really, really understand users will have a greater chance of dealing with the increasing complexity.
Because, it’s less about Digital Strategy & more about Strategy for a Digital World.

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