Talks & Inspiration Sessions

What the clients said

Gerrie did an excellent job in presenting the technically complex theme of Blockchain in not only a bright and fun way, but also packed in a clear and complete message.
Gerrie’s enthusiasm inspired the crowd from the first to the last minute!

Sevrien Lebens, DSM Global

1. Blockchain is WTF, Wondrous and Totally Fundamental
In a non-technical way I explain what Blockchain is, what the use cases are and why I think it’s important we get up to speed with this trend.

2. Digital Trends
What are the trends in digital and what can/should you do with them? I’ve spoken to a wide variety of European corporations and organisations about Digital Trends, relevant to their industry.

3. Digital First = User First
We all realize the impact of technology on people, products and organisations. We also know that chasing the latest tech trend is tiring and volatile. I believe that companies who really, really, really understand users will have a greater chance of dealing with the increasing complexity.
Because, it’s less about Digital Strategy & more about Strategy for a Digital World.

Yes, that's what we need