Human-Centric Workshop

I believe that companies that are successful in these digital times, have a deep, deep, deep understanding of their users. In itself, that’s not rocket science. Every organisation claims to ‘put the client central’. But every time we notice that companies ánd their employees tend to lose touch with the end users and/or are disconnected from their deeper motivations.

Whether I do this with communication teams, product teams or innovation units, it turns out that these hands-on work sessions help with keeping focus in these times of digital chaos.

The workshop typically takes 1 or 2 days and depending on the needs of the team, I’ll design a program that works on questions like this:

  • How do I listen to people to gather insights?
  • How do I make archetypes and persona?
  • What problem does my product/service solve for the user?
  • What can I learn from user experience mapping?
Yes, that sounds useful