Digital Strategy

What the clients said

Enjoyed working with Gerrie. He really understands digital transformation. It was really inspiring to have him challenge some of our long-standing beliefs.
Unlike most digital strategists, Gerrie doesn’t stop when the ideation work is done. He knows how to translate ideas and opportunities into a concrete transformation roadmap. So be prepared when you start working with Gerrie: you might actually do things differently afterwards 😉

Filip Nuyts, Director Channel Marketing @ Telenet

Strategy for a Digital World
I should no longer call it ‘Digital Strategy’, really. It should be ‘Strategy for a Digital World’. What do companies and organisations have to do to stay relevant in these digital times?

That’s where I try to help out. As a proud generalist, I help digging into an organisation’s challenges & look for solutions together. Sometimes these are digital, something they’re not.

How do I work?

Every process is bespoke. But aspects that seem to benefit most projects are:
1. What are fundamental certainties

  • What is the purpose of the organisation?
  • Who is the user and what are their needs/motivations?

2. What is the impact of technology

  • Which technologies have the most impact on the product/business model,…?
  • What are the underlying drivers and peculiarities of these technologies??

Based on these insights, we work on recommendations.

  • Sometimes that’s a communication strategy.
  • Sometimes this leads to a new project, a new positioning or even a new business model.
  • Sometimes we end up with very pragmatic things, like a new way to run an editorial meeting or a description of a new skill set.
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