Who Am I?

And what can I do for you?

People have called me enthusiastic, result-focused, creative and good at making people think differently.
I can live with that.

I’m fascinated by the impact digital and technology has: on our products, our brands, communications, our organisations,…
I should, because throughout my 20-odd years of professional experience,
I’ve worked in industries that got seriously challenged by the internet:
tv, publishing, music industry, marketing, government even.

What makes me happy these days is helping organisations make the most of the internet.
From developing digital communication strategies
to turning all the digital trends into business opportunities.
Always with a strong focus on the user.

It’s about reworking organisations for a digital world.
People call it Digital Transformation.

I’m driven by the need for innovation and challenging the status quo,
but I’m old enough to see the value of good old common sense.
Scroll to the bottom to see a few things I did in the past.

People have called me…
A consultant
A strategist
A coach
A concept developer
A speaker
A digital anthropologist (but that guy was drunk)

I always try to answer the question: “What do we do next?”
Above all I facilitate. And iterate. And reverse engineer.

What Can I Do For You?

Power Advisory Sessions

Short and sweet. No strings attached. Just want some fresh input? Need someone for a brainstorm session? A few hours well spent might get you far.

User-Centric Content Workshops

In a series of workshops I help your team develop a user-centric content strategy and editorial approach that is based on the framework ‘Why Care, Why Share?’

Digital Transformation & Strategy

How can you make your communication more digital-proof? How do you innovate your product or user experience? How can we recruit the right skills? Through an iterative strategy process, we define next steps for different parts of your business.

Some of the organisations and brands I worked with/for

Strategy Development + Workshops

Digital Strategy + User-Centric Content Workshops

Stad Antwerpen
Digital Strategy/Transformation

Arenberg Theatre
Advisory Board

Belgian Ad School

Stad Antwerpen
Social Media Strategist

Ted Baker
Social Marketing Campaign

Social Marketing Campaign

Digital Content Production

Digital Strategy / Interactive Concept Development

Mobile Content Curator


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