Hello, I'm Gerrie Smits

I help organisations get more out of the internet & technology.
Words I use too often are 'Why', 'User' and recently also 'Blockchain'.

What Can I Do For You?

Power Advisory Sessions

Short and sweet. No strings attached. Just want some fresh input? Need someone for a brainstorm session? A few hours well spent might get you far.

User-Centric Content Workshops

In a series of workshops I help your team develop a user-centric content strategy and editorial approach that is based on the framework ‘Why Care, Why Share?’

Digital Transformation & Strategy

How can you make your communication more digital-proof? How do you innovate your product or user experience? How can we recruit the right skills? Through an iterative strategy process, we define next steps for different parts of your business.

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Latest news

The network always wins? There’s a coin for that

The network always wins? There’s a coin for that

What the clients said

Gerrie inspired our team with a very, very clear story about one of the most complex tech trends right now, Blockchain. He brings this abstract concept to life and does it in an inspiring and accessible way. His expertise in Blockchain is solid. Highly recommended.

Maarten Leyts, CEO Trendwolves

Gerrie really understands digital transformation. It was really inspiring to have him challenge some of our long-standing beliefs.
Unlike most digital strategists, Gerrie doesn’t stop when the ideation work is done. He knows how to translate ideas and opportunities into a concrete transformation roadmap.
So be prepared when you start working with Gerrie: you might actually do things differently afterwards 😉

Filip Nuyts, Telenet

Gerrie is een geweldige motivator en een eerste klasse inspirator. Hij gaat verder dan aanbevelingen op korte termijn, en neemt je ploeg mee in een diepte-analyse die inzicht geeft in de uitwerking van een sterker content kader.
Gerrie werkt op maat, geeft helder én meteen bruikbaar advies over de communicatie van morgen, maakt iedereen in het team bewust van het belang van zijn of haar rol in relatie tot het geheel en tilt de digitale strategie van je organisatie ongetwijfeld op een hoger niveau.

Hans Vanderspikken, Klasse